Awareness that
change is needed

You cant find solutions to a problem you are not awake or aware of.  WAKE is a look in the mirror and realize there is a problem as you see your true reflection.  When you see this reflection embrace all you see do not shy away from it. BE TRUE TO YOU. This is how progress is made. 


Praise Repent Ask Yeild

P.R.A.Y is a simply acronym to helping you understand how to show gratitude, face PRAISE give thanks for all you have and what you do not.  When we have gratitude in our hearts negativity cant reside.  

REPENT. This is that be true to you again.  Recognizing our wrongs and asking for forgiveness will cleanse our heart.

ASK: All to often this is a misunderstood part of prayer.  Ask that your wants be what God wants. After all he already knows what you need.  When your wants line up with his you are allowing him to take over.  When God takes over our lives we will soar like eagles and not fail. Abundance can be ours.

YIELD: This is by far the hardest to part of prayers.  Yielding, waiting or slowing down does not mean sit back and do nothing. It means do all you are suppose to be doing while waiting on the Lord. This for many is hard as we want instant resolutions and often times a resolution cant take place until the proper steps or lessons are complete.  Praying for a raise but not managing your money is a rime example and until you start responsibly managing your fiances sometimes this raise will be a wait that is unbearable. God will not handicap you but will teach you on every level of successful living.